Why Being Your Own Boss Brings You Closer to Success and Wealth
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Why Being Your Own Boss Brings You Closer to Success and Wealth

Self employment is not every body's favourite talk. The reason is that many fear and can't think what would happen if they don't receive their pay check. They are stuck in a rut for ever. They live on pure luck but the those who go against the grain and venture into own businesses become successful. You too can use the same tips they employ.

Nothing beats being your own boss in the path to success. Look around you today, how many employed millionaires do you know, wait,don’t shout anyone with a CEO title because that is a different species of mankind.

For your information the CEO has taken 10 years to climb the corporate ladder and we don’t want to go into the different antics employed to get there by some of this men and women.

Getting wealthy has one golden rule; do what you love and do it well, perfect it if you can and make sure your service is sterling. You have met doctors and lawyers, maybe you are one of them, oh, forgot about engineers, they all are intellectuals without a doubt and drive flashy cars and are rich. But that is as far as it goes.

Yes, the key word is rich, you can be rich with a $100,000 salary that quickly disappears as it lands in your account because you have no financial intelligence and live large, a very common trait with high earners.

The feeling is different when you are your own boss. For starters you don’t embezzle the business resources, cash included. If you do, owe onto you because the lesson will keep you poor for a very, very long time.

                                                           Being your own Boss charges your wealth thoughts

Now for the lesson, if you read the article Choosing a Career: Are You Making the Right Decision? You will understand that most of the career professionals in the workplaces have almost zero enthusiasm for the jobs they report to at 8 in the morning and jump out of their seats when it is 5 O’clock to go home or catch a drink with friends.

If you begin a small business and give it your all in effort and dedication, it will grow without a doubt. A famous motivational speaker by the name of Zig Zigler declared that what you focus on expands. What he meant to say is, if you practice to improve your skills on a daily basis the transformation takes you from good to best.

Same scenario same results in business, the more attempts and exposures you have in business the more cultured and savvy you become.

I declare here for your understanding that the wealthy aren’t necessary intellectuals, they are just moderately smart and they know what they want in life. They execute their tasks as if their lives depended on it, the common factor among them being the never-give-up spirit.

That sounds easy, right?

Very wrong, that is the ultimate test and even the highly intelligent fail in it. Resilience isn’t easy to come by. Trust me I know.

But the moment you maneuver that seemingly challenging barrier, you are in. The gate pass earns you a slot among the wealthy but not instantly as you may want it to happen. Gradually, painful it can also be but you will start making money.

The problem with employment even when the boss isn’t giving you a tongue-lashing, is the laxity, you get too comfortable as you wait your next pay check. Meanwhile you live on the current pay and go shopping for designer clothes and other mundane items.

Before you know it the years whirl by super fast and you are almost retiring and that is when you rush to save some money and start making uninformed decisions that leave you broke and miserable and when retirement checks in you are desolate and desperate to do anything including extending your working term.

The lesson is to start small and grow gradually, learn the ways and means of being successful and with every step you accumulate both resources and knowledge. Be your own Boss and start accumulating wealth.


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