Factoidz: The Word Count
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Factoidz: The Word Count

One of the requirements of an article before being able to be submitted to Factoidz is having at least a word count of 400. To the beginner Factoidz Writer, it is difficult to write an article with a word count of 400.

One of the requirements of an article before being able to be submitted to Factoidz is having at least a word count of 400. To the beginner Factoidz Writer, it is difficult to write an article with a word count of 400. However there are some reasons why it shouldn’t be difficult for a Factoidz Writer to write such an article:

 A Factoidz Writer should be well acquainted with the topic of the article he has chosen. The topic should be his expertise and forte. If one has enough knowledge with the article he has chosen to write, then there would be no problem in writing.

The Terms and Conditions of Factoidz states that:

 “If you are under the age of eighteen (18), you are prohibited from using or registering for Services. “

 Anyone who is over 18 years old and literate enough to use a computer should have a good arsenal of words to choose from. There is a plethora of ways to add “flavours” of words to your article, enough to make it past the 400 word count.

  1. Experience makes you a good writer. After writing for some time, writing 400 words is a piece of cake and it would seem like it’s an exercise or a doodle. Practise makes perfect, you wouldn’t have time to brain storm because the ideas seem to come out from your head instantly, all you have to do is write and write before they really come out from your head and become lost in the streams of consciousness.

  2. To create an article with a high SEO rank you have to write your keyword numerous times in your article. The keyword density should be high so that the SEO rank would also be higher. Therefore you should write your keyword frequently, however keep in mind that you should avoid writing the keyword at awkward places.

  3. Using the English Language to express your ideas can be done in countless of ways. A single word can be substituted with more words but still retaining the same idea. If you notice in the second number (second reason), I used 400 word count instead of limit.

  4. Parentheses are very helpful in adding additional information and at the same time add additional words like how I used it in the fifth number.

Feel free to use these tips/reasons however do not forget to write articles with content, not just for the sake of writing an article for Factoidz.

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