Comparing Different Types of Transcription Jobs to Help You Find the Transcription Work That Matches Your Skills
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Comparing Different Types of Transcription Jobs to Help You Find the Transcription Work That Matches Your Skills

You can do transcription jobs without prior experience

There are many types of transcription jobs posted in the internet. For a freelance work-at-home person, this means a part time job he could do during his free time and add as another source of income for the family. Or he could choose to make this into a full-time career. There are many people doing transcription jobs full-time, either working in the office or at the convenience of their own homes.

What does the transcription job entails? It is simply typing the spoken word, verbatim, to make them into permanent records as written documents.

It sounds easy, but for a job seeker looking into the volume of transcription job opportunities offered in the net, it is almost a nightmare. If one doesn't know and just searches for 'transcription jobs', the search results would be mind-boggling. He would come up with tons of opportunities in either the legal transcription, medical transcription , voice mail transcription, and other transcription jobs out there.

So what could make looking into a transcription career easy?

First, assess your personal skills. If you have the following qualifications, these could prove advantageous in your application for a transcription job.

1.Good typing skills (speed requirement varies between companies, improves with practice)

2.Good hearing acuity (a must for all transcriptionists)

3.Proficiency in the English language

4.Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills

5.Having the ability to understand foreign accents

6.Willingness to learn

7.Can work on a deadline

8.Reliable Internet connection (for those who choose online work)

9.Owning a foot pedal (optional, but could make work easier and a whole lot faster)

How about your educational background or hobbies? Are you adept at medical terms, or legal matters or the business sector? Or your interests could be varied, which makes you eligible to consider applying to one or two or all types of transcription works out there.

Second, know the several types of transcription jobs out there.

1. General Transcription. There are opportunities with headings: General Transcriptionists Needed. This may simply mean that they are looking for people who could fulfill the tasks of transcribing either media, academic, entertainment and other English dictations. Many companies are offering some or all of these services to their clients from the government, entertainment industry and some colleges or universities. Also, there are professionals like authors, teachers, and or professors looking for transcriptionist to transcribe their dictations for them. Thus, searching for general transcription will give you varied choices, which will, most of the time, also direct you to the more specific job opportunities such as the following:

* Entertainment Transcription. This involves transcribing movies, television shows, talk shows and documentaries, into written documents for the purpose of having a permanent written record of them. There's no special training needed or prior experience requirement to apply for this job. As long as you possess the qualifications mentioned above and you passed the online testing given by the company, then you're ready to start transcribing. Salaries are dependent on skills and productivity of the transcriptionist and payment rate of the company you work for. For those who love movies and talk shows, this could be a fun sort of work.

* Academic Transcription. Academic transcription involves transcribing recorded files ranging from lectures, dissertations, seminars, discussions and interviews from colleges and universities for academic purposes. Most of these dictations are clear and loud as they are directed to an audience.

* Media Transcription. Media transcription involves transcribing recorded files or reports from news programs and bulletins, radio and television broadcasts, special reports, political interviews, conferences, discussions, speeches and pod casts. No prior transcription experience or training needed, just the necessary qualifications and passing the online testing given by the company. These recordings are, oftentimes, clear and loud, which could make transcribing them less taxing. Salary is the same with other transcription jobs, again depending on productivity and payment rate of the company hiring you. For those fascinated with news and politics and general everyday information, doing media transcription could be a lucrative as well as an entertaining career.

2. Medical Transcription. A medical transcriptionist transcribes the dictations of doctors for documentation purposes. Dictations ranges from clinical history and physical examination, to radiology reports, to surgical operation procedures. Most companies would need someone with experience in the medical field and/or those who have undergone medical transcription training certification. There are those who have never had medical background who took online medical transcription course, (at Careerstep or any other legitimate online transcription schools), who became successful in this career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand for medical transcriptionist is projected to grow until 2016 at a fast rate because of the growing population and the health care needs of the aging population. The pay could be good ranging from $10/hr - $20/hr, or could be lower or much higher, depending on the skills and productivity of the transcriptionists. Some feedback regarding doing transcriptions for physicians though is that, sometimes, the dictations are hurried and they're not the easiest ones to transcribe, which is why familiarity with medical terms is very important. For those interested in medicine, a medical transcription job could be a learning and a fascinating job to do aside from its being profitable. This is a helpful site to browse more on medical transcription career: Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition .

3. Legal Transcription. Legal transcription jobs entails transcribing recordings done in the courtroom during hearings or in law offices for documentation purposes. The salary being in the range of $15 - $25/hr, also depending on speed and productivity of the transcriber. For those interested in legal matters, being a legal transcriptionist could prove to be an absorbing job aside from being a lucrative one.

4. Financial or Business Transcription. Financial and/or business or corporate transcription involves transcribing recordings from large corporations' business meetings, training sessions, press conferences, annual meetings, interviews and financial reports. No prior experience or training needed but a familiarity with business or financial terminologies is a necessity. Salary range is the same with other general transcription jobs. A transcriptionist with a keen interest in business would find this to be an engaging career.

5. Voice Mail Transcription. Voice mail transcription involves transcribing voicemails as soon as it it is received and sending them through text or emails to the person involved as soon as transcribed. Accuracy, good listening skill and fast typing speed are needed as fast turn-around time is important. There is no training or prior experience involved. Some companies train their applicants before letting them go on a live transcription. A fast internet connection is also needed and strict adherence to schedule. Salary is on a per message basis, and dependent on typing speed and time of work, the busiest being during weekdays and during office hours.

6. Foreign Language Transcription. As the name implies, it involves transcribing verbatim a dictated report with speakers using a different language. These could be jobs for linguists and those who knows how to speak and write another language aside from the English language. Common languages that need transcription are Spanish, Russian, French and Japanese.

Third, match your skills with the type or types of transcription jobs available on the Internet or your locality.

With your self-assessment and learning about the different types of transcription jobs available, you are now ready to search for the transcription job which best fits your qualifications. This would help you focus and narrow down your search for transcription job opportunities. It will make you save time browsing through everything about each type, and give you ample time to read and learn about the companies offering the specific type of transcription job that you've chosen.

You may want to apply right away to a few transcription job openings online. There are many out there that accept transcriptionists without prior experience as long as you pass their requirements and online testing.

Fourth, don't give up.

Finding jobs online may take a slow process, but opportunities abound online and maybe even in your own localities. So happy job-hunting.

Below are some of the sites which list down various companies offering different types of transcription jobs. Your vigilance is still needed when applying for these jobs.

Work at Home Transcription Jobs

And lastly, when you've been accepted to do the job, give your best and enjoy it.

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Comments (12)

Dulce: That was great. I have actually thought about this before. I did not realize there were so many different types of transcription jobs available. "Many moons" ago, I was a transcriptionist. I probably wouldn't have time now anyway. But this is a great idea for someone trying to find online jobs to make money from home...

I guess I have no votes left. :-( I'll be back......

Very informative and chocked full of leads.

Nice article, Dulce. Informative with lots of leads. I use to transcribe for a court reporter many moons ago; it was a great pin money maker while I raised my children at home - sometimes I would be typing away at 2:00 am - the deadlines are mandatory for court the next day! But oh those sentencings. It was like typing a Perry Mason script - and didn't know how the case would come out until I typed it. Sometimes is was quite unsettling! I recommend it highly for stay-at-home moms.


We also have transcription jobs for home based workers. Please check the following link for details.

Debra Bozeth

Below is a short cover letter that I usually send to potential clients seeking freelance or self-employed transcribers.


37E Cambridge Court

Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

(732) 948-7961 (Cell)

(732) 276-6584 (Home)


Re: Transcription

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Debra Bozeth. Recently I was laid off due to lack of work at this New York law firm. A good bulk of my responsibilities consists of transcribing legal documents, correspondence, medical records, billing, etc. Aside from my legal assistant/paralegal experience and legal transcription of deposition transcriptions, etc., I am also a freelance transcriber with dictation/transcribing equipment located at my home. I have assisted companies in various types of transcribing assignments, including in particular, medical transcribing for a New York company that farms out tapes to be transcribed regarding, i.e., Lupus, Tourette Syndrome, medication in connection with migraine headaches, and various one-on-one seminars consisting of doctor/patient information.

Located at my home office I am equipped with standard, micro cassette and 4-channel transcribing devices. I also have a USB foot pedal that works in conjunction with Start/Stop, Express Scribe, The Record Player and can access Cds equipped with Court Smart software for audio files to be downloaded and transcribed.

In the event you have a desire to contact me regarding the above, and you have requirement for a transcriber, please feel free to telephone me at (732) 948-7961 (cell) or, in the alternative, you can e-mail me at any at the e-mail addresses located in this letterhead. I look forward to hearing from you.


Debra Bozeth

Transcription Service

This is a better option before selecting any one stream. One must understand properly each field and wherever feel comfortable, apply there. There is no dearth of online transcription jobs, only thing is to find out legitimate ones.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I need online typing job either medical typing or any other typing.

Please favour me, if available with you.



Transcription job is money maker job. The people who transcribe this work are learning more experiences. I like this job.


I'd like to type any kind of documents on-line to make legite money. Please send me an email with any kind of info. Looking to make extra money on the side.

Professional authors sometimes use transcription Essay writing services to transcribe recorded interviews and notes into the written word. Authors might interview dozens of people during the research phase of a writing project.

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